$10,000- BUCKS VALUES IN THAT "DSNV" !!!!!!

october 2010, Dosnoventa was founded in the city of Barcelona,as the result of the interest of two old friends and well-known city riders, lovers of quality products and with a large professional experience in the world of the fixed wheel. The synergy that bonds them is what spurs them to the production of bikes, for themselves and for their friends, with the mission of offering their crew a great product using the best materials, with a very studied aesthetics, geometry and image, built by the best craftsmen but with a very competitive price. The first frames are delivered and the brand quickly becomes a cult object and a local reference. Since then the Dosnoventa family won't stop growing: a team of great riders is created to represent the brand, three models of frame came on to the market,... But above all, a superb team working behind scenes for this project, sharing a lifestyle and a love for the urban culture, thanks to which Dosnoventa is now set up an reknowned for its quality, style and authenticity.



The drive-train series which saw Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, and Team Great Britain to 7 gold medals at the London Olympics

Sugino 75 Ceramic BB set.

This is the long-awaited CERAMIC version of the legendary Sugino 75 bottom bracket set for track bikes.

These are not yet NJS certified, but are ok to use in pro racing outside of Japan.These are perfectly suited to the Japanese pro track racing crank sets.

109.5mm length, track-specific axle shaft.


The stiffest chain made in Japan. Produced specifically for keirin track racing professional riders.

This chain will not stretch over time, and was also trusting by Olympic riders at Beijing.

NJS certified and stamped. For use with standard 1/8 size track chainrings and cogs.

Gold chrome finish on every 2nd link; each other link is black.

There is not better track chain in Japan !!!!!

Hands down, one of the best cogs in existence.

Perfectly round. Perfectly threaded. Perfect tooth profiles.

Coated with titanium nitride for optimal lubricity and durability

this cog is a top choice among pro racers.

This is the 17T 1/8 model, which has a black band between the teeth and the core,

and is ideal to be used with a high quality chain ring and chain such as an HKK or Izumi V.

It also comes with it`s own nice color matched canvas carrying pouch.


The Antares 00 is the newest edition to fi'zi:k’s range of racing and high-performance saddles

Wing-Flex comes to the Antares, at the request of Ivan Bass.

Braided carbon rails protected by fi'zi:k’s trademark wrap


X2 is for the rider who understands what it takes to stay up front.

Energy wasted in flex is the enemy on a pist bike.

X2 keeps your energy moving forward.The Thomson X2 Road stem allows you to realize the benefits of stiffer forks and stiffer 31.8 bars.

X2 offers precise steering, tracking, and more control while riding, all wrapped up in a beautiful design.

The Thomson X2 features a lighter, 2-bolt handlebar clamp.

The interlocking handlebar clamp of the X2 makes is as torsionally strong as other 4-bolt designs,

while being lighter and narrower.

Low 36mm stack height.

X2 is available in 2 rise options; 10° and 17°. Both the 10° and 17° stem can be run with a positive or negative rise,

and the reversible graphics will be right either direction


The highly anticipated BLB Notorious 03,

700c tri spoke carbon clincher wheels are here!Tri spokes are available in carbon with alloy braking surface.




JUST A MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!





日本初となるピストバイク専門大型ショップが、大阪の南堀江にOPEN。 アメリカンファクトリーをテーマに設計された2Fには、オーダーバイクを作成するエリアや、カスタムを楽しむフロアとなる。 ”BIKE SHOWROOM”と名付けられた3Fには、厳選した世界のピストバイクを100台