How do you like this MONARCH?

Hello everyone.
This is GORI from BROTURES Harajuku!

It's already November already.
There are only two months left this year and next month, and it's already been two months and a year, and it's really fast.
By the way, do you have anything left to do this year? ?
As for me, there was. LOL That means making the TYRANT BIKES MONARCH look cool.
So today, I'm going to finish off MONARCH without leaving anything undone.
When I visited Japan last month, LEADER's president, SALL, highly recommended the supreme body of MONARCH, and this is how GORI would build it, so let's take a look at the entire customization process.

Don! ! !

TYRANT BIKES MONARCH Completed bike ¥242,000-tax included This is the MONARCH that GORI envisions today.
Not only can it be used in the street scene, but it can also be used in the race scene.
For MONARCH, which is an authentic fixie bike, we recommend customization like this.
Let's introduce the customizations made to the beautiful MONARCH.

PROTAPER A12 aluminum riser bar ¥20,000-tax included

First, I would like to introduce my favorite parts from this custom.
MONARCH's matte silver is surprisingly difficult to find parts to match.
I personally think so.
Under such circumstances, the handle of PROTAPER, which has newly started handling at the Harajuku store,
They go really well together.

The polished handle has a shine that makes you think it's mirror polished.
There are similar handles from other brands, but this POLISH handle,
Probably only PROTAPER.
Actually, PROTAPER is a brand of off-road bikes, so I didn't even know that they sell bicycle parts until recently.
It's a brand that can withstand the harsh driving of off-road cars, so it goes without saying that it's perfect in terms of durability.
It's made of aluminum 7075, which is lightweight and has excellent rigidity, so it's expensive, but it's a must-have item for MONARCH users.

SUGINO 75 DD2 SILVER ¥113,300-tax included
BOX14 Chainring ¥24,200-tax included As I mentioned at the beginning, the suspension has been customized to be a first-class product, as the body can be used on both the street and in races.
There is no doubt that the powerful pedal motion unique to a direct crank will be transmitted to the MONARCH and create acceleration of a different dimension.
In addition, the ease of maintenance, which is one of the features of the direct crank, will make it a perfect custom for tough riders who use it every day for commuting.

SUGINO75 DD2 originally comes with the highest quality chainring called SUGINO ZEN,
This time I set up the chainring for BOX14 without thinking it was a waste.
I mean, it's cool.
Honestly, I personally think that the reason for customization is just because it looks cool.
I think it would be even better if it was not only cool but also comfortable and fast. lol

BROTURES T3 CARBON WHEEL F/R For wheels around ¥132,000-/137,500-tax included, use T3.
When driving around town, I choose the T3 because I have a strong need for approval and want many people to think I'm cool.
I can already imagine it.
MONARCH running around town wearing these wheels is said to look cool. Please enjoy the wind noise unique to carbon wheels!

The MONARCH that GORI wants to ride looks like this.
I also want someone to ride MONARCH as it is, so
If you are interested in MONARCH, please contact GORI!
Let's create your ideal together with BROTURES.
Well then.

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