The ancestor is back! !

The birth of the world's first bicycle (like vehicle) has been a long time ago.
Speaking of the United States, when the White House was built.
In Japan, when Tadataka Ino was surveying Ezo (Hokkaido).

Time passed 2021.
Who could imagine such a groundbreaking vehicle running in the city dashingly?

SUPER73-SG1 ¥ 350,000 (+tax)

Electric assist bicycle with the original Instagram, which can be said to be the spark of the current e-bike boom
“Super73” has resigned and restocked!

With this, Ino -san's survey would have progressed considerably.

Like the topic of, we are in conjunction with the fist bikes we sell mainly.
You can run on the mountains, beaches, and asphalt.
After all, it's a tough guy who can run on any road.

Speaking of e-bike, there have been many topics about Mate recently.
This time, I would like to inform this Super73 again.

·one timeEquipped with a power battery that runs 60-70 km by charging!

It's hard to understand if it's a number, so when you look at how long you run, ...

You can go to Disneyland from Kichijoji.

Not even Chiba citizens.
I think Disney on a bicycle is a breakthrough idea.

By the way, you can go on the beach.

* Please charge over there.

In this way, the great part of the electric assist is to "go to?"
There is no doubt that the range of activities will be wider than ever, and the view that you can see will change naturally.

The battery is removable!

This is a pretty point point.
Whether you are an apartment or an apartment, you can take only the battery to the room and fully charge it in about 4 hours.

This gasoline tank -like box is a battery and can be removed.

It is easy to remove with one touch, so if you use it for commuting or commuting, you may be charged on the go.
We support a comfortable lifestyle without the hassle of searching for spots like electric vehicles.

The other day, I saw a place running alongside the car on the Ome Kaido, but
The appearance of cutting the wind just like a motorcycle was so cool.

If you are worried, please visit us and contact us.


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