Only one.

"HOW I Roll", which has a simple appearance of bicycle racing, among low -cost bikes, "CHAMP"

If you notice the reservation, it will be sold out immediately. When will the next arrival will be?

It was like that, but at the Harajuku store, there is only one in stock!


The reason is due to your cancellation.

I was delayed due to the influence of Coronavirus, so it was much delayed than the original plan. That situation.

Nowadays, there is no help for the parts.

Well, there is only one color/size, but you can sell it!

How I Roll CHAMP COMPLETE BIKE GREY 540mm ¥ 84,700-Tax included

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Japanese bicycle competition "bicycle race"

Here is a single speed bike that is inspired by the vehicle used in the bicycle race and is interpreted by How I Roll.

The handle uses "NITTO B123 NJS", which is a wonderful thing that sticks to the low cost. As expected.

By the way, B123 is too happy that NJS certified parts that can be actually used in bicycle racing competitions, or less than 10,000 if you try to purchase separately.

If it is cool, it is better to customize the crank from the beginning ◎

Of course, this body is the target of the “Interest Rate Campaign” announced from yesterday. It's perfect for the timing.

Even if you customize it, it will not be so expensive if you think about it every month, so if you are considering purchasing a custom, let's do it all at once!


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A truly genuine, one of the early wins.

If you wish, please contact us immediately!




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