Why don't you start a fixie bike with an ...

Hello! If you are planning to launch a fixie bike from this year, have you already decided on the car body? ? Today, I would like to introduce the perfect "Leader Bike" entry model! ! Leader Bikes should have a high price! ! However, Leader Bikea also has a model that is easy to purchase! ! And compared to other entry models, it is quite high spec! ! If you are considering the body from now on, please refer to it! ! ・ Leader Bikes 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (+Tax)
Color: Matt Black / WHITE / MATT ORANGE The entry model of the "7 series" representative of Leader Bikes! ! One color is plentiful and easy to ride even for the first time! Of course, the frame material is aluminum and the fork uses carbon! ! ! ・ Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (+Tax)
Color: Matt Black / Blue Unlike 721TR, CURE of the frame on the front down! Recently, it is a model similar to the Leader Bikes high -end model "Kagero"! Recently, the number of people on the frame on the front down, even in the world! ! ! The material is aluminum like 721TR, and the fork is also carbon! ! Honestly, it costs 100,000 yen, and this ease of riding and lightness are not comparable to others? ? It is a motorcycle that you can ride in the long run without crushing immediately because it is an entry bike! ! [721TR Custom Bike]
You can try it on a high -spec like this! ! Both of them introduced today are still in stock, so please come to the store while the size and color are abundant! ! Regarding your reservation, I would like to send an email using the following template or call us! → Click here to make a reservation ← ■ Wanted car type brand: model: Color: size: ■ Hope custom ■ Delivery method (store / shipping) ■ Name ■ Address ■ Contact information → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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