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Last weekblogL44 × Dura-ACE wheel introduced in. Thank you, as a set in the daySold out. I think it was really nice for those who wrote the blog and for those who have formed the wheels. Both are me. Eh. Good luck with your blog. And today's wheel introduction is this.
Kagero of the customer who has already uploaded on Instagram. Introducing the front and rear wheels used in this body. First from the front desk. STAN'S ALPHA400 × CHRIS KING R45 Front Hub
Used for this front deskAlpha400Is a black alumite specification to the rim side because it is a disk brake rim. The rim alone weight is 415g of the manufacturer, but it is also rigid. At present, it is difficult to get it at the end of production, but the Osaka store has a lighter rim than Alpha400 such as Alpha340.Only two stocksbe doing. This is also a discontinued product, so it's a lot to keep.
And for the hubChris KingMr. Miss. There are few people who use it for the fixes, but this hub is always highly evaluated by the rodies of the world. Lightweight, turn well, and above all, high rigidity. The quality will definitely be a higher class among the many road hubs. There are many colors and holes, so please add it to one of the options. Next, the rear is this. Stan's Grail x Philwood High Flange Rear
This rim is also Stan's. name isGrail。 It looks like the front desk, but the model is different and the making is very different. Speaking of STAN'S, there are many lightweight rims, and this Grail is slightly heavy at 460g of the manufacturer. It's not as heavy as I say. Not only the weight has become heavy, but the rim width is 24mm and a wide rim. And the STAN'S ALPHA series feels a little soft when assembled because of lightweight, and it seems a little soft, but I think this Grail has a good feeling and rigid rim. Why do you want this rigidity for skids, so how about the rear?
For the rear hubPhilwood。 This luster unique to new products. It's cool. There is no problem even if you get in, and this hub comes out of horse mackerel. Please get on. This wheels are used in BROTURES, which is not very familiar with Stan's for rims. It is an interesting brand for me, such as adopting my own technology for the rim. I think that there are still many people who do not know Stan's itself, but it may be good to remember this. Although it is light and rigid, it has a lot of holes and achieves a combination with various hubs. It will surely expand the range of hand -assembling wheels. I also use the Grail rim that I introduced this time and are satisfied. That's why I recommend it.
Of course there is this week. Fujimoto's horse racing prediction First of all, from the previous result. Losing,and. There is no sense, myself. I wonder when it hits. Or will you extend the streak record? This week's race Nakayama 11R AJCC (G2) Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓ 1 Legend Seller 2 Tomikens Lava 3 Mick Swallow 5 Gold Actor 7 Danburite This time I don't say the axis anymore. I don't come. So, I don't buy a triple alone. Switch by horse. As a wish2 Tomikens LavaI hope you come in the second place. What if1 Legend -sellerBut it may be in the second place. If two of them come to these five, depending on the bet, you can eat good food and you can buy good things. I'm giving a confident feeling in sentences, but in today's storeTomorrow's forecast will beI am a fool. Everyone around me is what I say. Look forward to tomorrow's results. Fuji → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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