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The brand I've been interested in since last spring "Raketa" Although it is a brand brand that is not very familiar with bicycles from Russia,Really beautiful partsIs in stock. Diamondring (diamond ring)
49t only Black or Chrome ¥ 16,500 (+tax) The material is"7075-T6" used in high-grade chain ringsAluminum. It is very rigid and has been adopted in truck competitions and NJS certified parts.Excellent material。 The disk -shaped chain ring was released from various brands, but there was nothing so beautiful. The design on the surface depends on how the light hits.It shines like a diamond
Of course, disk -shaped cranks such as ROTOR, Pistard Air, and Rinpoch look good, It also matches the classic cranks such as Sugino75 and SRAM OMNIUM.
The number of arrivals is not so much even through all stores Please consider it for the first time, such as those who are customized for the first time or have recently entered the maze in custom. You can also order by phone, email, and website. Please feel free to contact us.
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