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At BROTURES OSAKA, customers are very familiar This time, we have ordered a custom bike of Kagero. Production parts, parts that have been handled, parts that are not available, etc. 。 。 What you talk about and how you can only be transmitted to those who like this vehicle, but please relax.
STEM:ENVE ROAD STEM Carbon brand, which was explosively popular in OSAKA"ENVE" In the carbon brandPersonally, still my favorite brandWhat Currently, it is an item that has stopped handling due to adult circumstances.Struggling to resume handlingis. 。 。 Wait for a while. 。 。
Handle:Easton EC90 Track Carbon Drop This is the Easton's name handle that has been discontinued. The lightness is moderate because it is made for the purpose of truck competitions.Anyway hardIt doesn't happen at all. andAbove all, cooler。 It is said that Tetsujin and Koichi Nakano also used it in truck competitions. The current carbon track handle templateThere is no doubt that it is.
Hub:PHILWOOD TRACK HUB /SLR /GUN-METAL /Carbo Night Specification /20H, 24h Before and afterPHILWOOD bespoke hub。 Miso tonkotsu noodles are hardened with backfat additional vegetables additional garlic additional garlic A large serving like char siu. The delivery time took more than a year, but when it arrived, I jumped with customers (I almost forgot each other lol)。
RIM:ENVE SES2.2 Clincher Spoke:SAPIM CX-Ray Black ENVE rims are assembled with SAPIM before and after. The lowest 2.2 series with the lowest height in ENVE rim. It's like a border that pursues purely light running comfort without seeking looks or impact from carbon rims. Light, hard, strong, which is easy to get in the spokeThe strongest spoke CX-rayOur Fujimoto (Fuji P) will be in a good mood if you do not assemble with this spoke.
SADDLE:SELLE SMP CARBON Red SeatPost:ENVE SEAT PILLAR The red color comes very nicely on the gun metal frame color. However, only for the colorDon't feel free to choose a saddleSo be careful. The seat isCarbon baseFinished with a good colored candy redBeautiful saddle。 The sitting comfort is stoic itself. Depending on the setting, it gives hell -like pain, but on the contrary, it looks like a low -resilience mattress.The best sitting comfortIt will also be. Just like.
Crank:SUGINO SUPER SG75 Black Chrome Chain Ring:Sugino Super Zen Black Chrome BB:SUGINO SUPER CERAMIC Setup around the crank, if the viewer sees it, you will say this."Egtsu ..."It is such a selection. SUGINO's classic truck crank "75" seriesEnhanced coating called "S3 (Escubic)"And furtherReduction of rotation resistanceA model aimed at. The BB in the frame uses ceramic balls for bearingsFull -time rotation performanceI am proud. It may seem like a lie,Just step in and start running on your own。 Such ride comfort. I'm sorry. So the whole view.
I ran a little with the permission of the customer, but started running, cruising,There is no sound from anywhere。 High -performance tires with hard wheels and clinchersI can't even hear the driving sound。 If you step inI'm surprised at acceleration more than I imaginedI realize that this machine should not step so much in the city. It is quite difficult to bring your bones to your bicycle. Well, I worked on a bad fix. If you touch this kind of one, you will be inspired. I want to do it myself. Other staff can stop it. I don't want to lose because of greatness. smile
By the way, I talked for a long time, but I hope that even one will be stimulated. If you are worried about it, it may be interesting to hit the calculator while Google. See you soon. NARUMI → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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