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OSAKA sometimes arrives like a breeze Various geeks that both myself and others are recognized(Company official)Mechanic chief763 select items。 The recently assembled Kagero was equipped with a riser bar, but it wasn't.This is a good condition.。 Then his curiosity is like a fish that has gained water, From the catalog of the catalog in the store, the bookstore magazines, to each company's website to overseas sites, you can browse from one end. The USA brand that has been discovered this time is an active MTB downhill. "Answer" The headquarters is a city called Mekuon, near Milwalky, where Halle Davidson is located. Technology, strength knowledge, and experience that has been accumulated in the motorcycle world over a long time. Products designed using it always create the latest items from the rider's perspective,Just a brand for riders。 I thought the moment I saw it"Everyone wants this"and.
Answer ProtAPAPER DH BAR /CAMO ¥ 11,000 (+tax) Width: 780mm 25.4mm Rise / Up Sweep 4 ° / Backs Equeep 8 ° Weight: 380g Material: 7050 aluminum alloy It is a woodland duck (a so -called ordinary duck pattern), but a slightly camouflage for urban areas (gray duck pattern) on the left end. The overall texture is a glossy and rough touch.
At this time, it seems to be cool, but it looks cool even with gripples, and it looks easy. The compatibility with Thomson is perfect.
The width is 780 mm, so we do not recommend riding a city as it is. It will be a running weapon. The store manager JUNKI recommends 680 mm, our signboard rider ayumu recommends 600 mm, and NARUMI & Fuji P recommend 550 mm. Each piste is at the store, so please feel free to consult when cutting. If you match it with a duck pattern
How about the color of orange and red? I think it's pretty cool even with black or bar tape. This handle is a first -come, first -served basis. The next arrival is undecided and the parts are not in stock in Japan, so if you are looking for items different from people, do not miss it. NARUMI → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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