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Hello! ! Now, BROTURES OSAKA is conducting a "new life support campaign"! The key, lights, air inserts, etc. are set, and the price is quite good, but ... There is another thing I want you to buy with the body purchase! ! Nowadays, the number of fist bikes is increasing in free gear, and recent finished cars Free gear is set from the beginning! ! but! The original piste bike is "fixed gear"! ! I want you to ride the "fixed gear" as much as possible as a personal opinion! ! The reason is that you can get on overwhelmingly and make it easier to get speed! ! Therefore! ! ! ! What you need "Pedal strap"is! ! !
I just got on my friend's fixie bike the other day. There was no "pedal strap" even though it was a fixed gear!
of course! You can ride without any problems without a strap, When I got on it, I was worried about speeding up for a long time on a fixie bike! With a fixed gear, the legs were not fixed, so the legs were fluffy, so there was no calm. Normally, "I'm afraid of putting my feet in the pedal strap!" Or "Can I get it right away?" There are many opinions, but please try using the "pedal strap" once! ! At first, there is absolutely discomfort! ! However, as you get used to it, you should definitely think, "It's better to have a pedal strap!" ! Speaking of the details, there are various things, such as "I can use pulling feet", Don't worry about that, first of all, with a fixie bike

sense of unity! ! !

Please take a look! ! ! How to stop the piste bike "SKID (skid)" "" Pedal strap "cannot be done without this" pedal strap "! ! ! [Video Width = "640" Height = "360" mp4 = "https://broturs-asets.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2 2768803_184859815400343_25750014718368000_n.mp4][/video] If you are thinking of riding a piste bike from now on, please come with the "pedal strap" with the body! ! Currently, there are many recommended pedal straps that I use at the Osaka store, so please come to choose your favorite color! !
YNOT pedal strap ¥ 6,800 ~ (+tax) With this one, the fun of the piste bike spreads! ! Please try it! ! → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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