Two items required for daily maintenance ...

This question is often asked by customers when delivering a fixie at the store. "What should you do (what you can do)?" If you bring it in maintenance, most things will be free If I could do this, I would be able to ride more notes. 。 。 That's two. There are only two.
・ Insert air ・ Lubricate the chain
If you can only do this, the partsLife is greatly extended, and troubles can be greatly avoidedThat's it.
First, the air. Japanese people are very troublesome to use the mamachari era. Really. Once a month? Once every 3 months? 。 。 。 Please put more air! ! smile Tires without air are not rolling badlyThe progress will be worse。 I don't have any speed. For the swelling tires, it was a nasty pebble For tires that are broken by airIs easy to pierce and punkDo it. Not every day.Once every 3 days. Please put air once a week。 You can get used to it if you put it in the beans, but it is about one minute of one -wheel! Click here for the Osaka store recommended.
Fabric (Fabric) Stratsphere (Stratosphere) floor pump ¥ 4,000- (+tax) The price is reasonable, it can be used firmly, and it is not ugly to leave it. I recommend it. as a side noteNow, there is such a great campaign, so you need to check it out.
Next is the oil for the chain. Is it okay to be Ku ◯ E 556 at a home improvement store? NG. The chain oil for bicycles penetrates between the chain skiing firmly, It is preferable to use a dedicated one that maintains lubricity. When I was on the fix, I didn't.I'm worried about the rattle and rattling sounds。 Generally in chainThe oil is flyingis. Click here for recommended oils in the store.
BORED (BORED) BSLR ¥ 2,800- (Red) BORED LIGHT DUTY ¥ 2,600- (orange) RedThe holding time is longer because it remains firmlyPeople who can maintain beans are good orangeI think. The oil of this brand is very comfortable to use, and there are chains with a crisp sound. If you lubricate properly, MiChimichi Michimichi. 。 。 The more you can hear the oil viscosityis.
For those who are thinking about bicycles and those who are being riding now If you can maintain it yourself, it will be more fun to ride. NARUMI
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