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Later and earlier, there is nothing to the right of Tutto.
CINELLI TUTTO From a crisp track bike to a criterium, and at the end of the single sichro, I don't really know how to assemble it! But that's right, Tutto. How do you assemble? It will be a reliable buddy that will affirm any lifestyle. The custom bike I assembled this time was assembled simple parts according to the design of the frame. The most notable point of this is "head parts".
This plain and super simple looks. You've just noticed this, but it's pretty perverted. Click here for the correct answer.
PHILWOOD 1-1/8 Headset The hub is famous, but the head parts of PHILWOOD may still be so familiar. But it is a head part made by Phil. Durability is without complaints. In fact, the head parts cost a lot of vibration and load while driving. If you are relieved, the handling is rugged, and the rattling comes out. This is quite stressful. There are many such motorcycles to bring in with maintenance. It's an inconspicuous place, but it's troublesome to re -tighten each time. It is a part you want to use good things if you can. TOSHI
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