Actually, an event was held last month by...

Last month, on the 3rd floor of the BROTURES Osaka store, a certain event was held! !

that's right! !

"KID" Tokui ", who also supports BROTURES, has visited the store.

"Animal flow" training was being conducted on the third floor! !

[What is Animal Flow]

A training program that can be used only by its own weight that incorporates the operation of wild animals.

If you have a little space, you can do it in any place, or a large number of people.

Incorporating various movements such as yoga, instrumental gymnastics, capoeira, break dance, parcourt

A program that drops them into the movements of animals.

As you may already know, "Yamamoto" Kid "is also on Leader Bikes! !!

As with ourselves, riding with a fixed gear will be a really good exercise and a good training!

Fast, cool, and exercise! !

Such the best vehicle is a "fixie bike"! !

This time, "Yamamoto KID" came to the store, so I took a commemorative photo at the end! !

The car body I have this time is a limited car that is currently on sale! !

Leader Bikes × COOTIE LIMITED 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 150,000 (+tax)


This is also a little stock, so be as soon as possible! !

Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! !

Regarding your reservation, I would like to send an email using the following template or call us!

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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)