The cold days will continue I want you to get warm quickly ... I will go to Okinawa after taking a day off. I'm planning to take a fix with my friends and run around, but it's a rain forecast. By the time this blog is updated, you will be in Okinawa. This time, there was an unusual wheel request, so I will introduce about two cases. First is this. ENVE SES 4.5 × CHRIS KING CERAMIC ROAD HUB
BROTURES is a piste specialty store, but this time the request is a rear wheel set on the road. I have touched the road wheels several times in the past, but the road wheels are slightly different from the pisto rear wheels, even though the process to be assembled is the same. It is interesting because it will make you think again. To the rimEnve。 Speaking of carbon, it's a brand that has a lot of impression. 「Light but strong"← This is all. And various things are calculated on both inside and outside of the rim. It is a first -class product. It's long if you say various thingsPast thingBut please read and see.
CHRIS KING's hub on the hub. And CERAMIC specification. When assembling such a combination wheel, it is on the tension, but it is more nervous than usual. The rear wheels on the road are larger than the piste's rear hub, with the right gear on the right side, as shown in the image. By doing so, the left and right spoke tension differences are born larger than the fix. This is the best thing to think about when compared with the fixie when it is assembled, and it is a fun part. This wheels this time is a reconciliation, and the wheels when they were brought in have a loose tension, so when they are recovered, I tried to change the type of spoke and how to assemble them on the left and right. Ah, not this, I was assembled. In the first place, it feels like you'll do it with your own. I have permission in advance, but I am just grateful to the customers who left me. And this. Wood Rim x Dura-Ace
It is a normal wheel shape. But this rim is "woodIs made.100%hey. I've seen it in images, but this was my first time to see the real thing, and I would like to assemble it. In a fluttering storySeriously ...I felt a little like a feeling.
The ones used for this wheel are dedicated by nipples and washer other than spokes and hubs. The nipple is about 4 times the length of a normal nipple. Moreover, the hole swing of the rim is the opposite of normal. So the way to assemble and spoke are the opposite. From anything to everything irregular.
I was worried and checked, the brand nameCERCHIO GHISALLO。 The country of origin is Italy. It is not just an old thing, but it seems that the rim is still produced in Italy, which is still produced in Italy. This time is a tube rim, but it also seems to be producing clincherim. I thought it was amazing. The spoke tension, the softness of the rim, the assembly side is Hiyahiya. It looks like I'm writing something. No, I think I had a really good experience. It is already enough. thank you. As introduced this time, the world of the rim has not only the aluminum carbon material but also wood. The world is wide Even if you are a fixie specialty, I will assemble a road wheel. It may be a good idea to consult once even if you think something like you can't. I do as much as I can, and I refuse what I can't really do.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction First of all, from the previous result. Losing。 I wrote that I knew that something would come, and ... Well, the horses that I wrote as the axis came. Yes, it's an excuse. This week's race Kyoto 11R Kyoto Memorial (G2 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓ ・ Crocosmia Diadora Moscachan Rayideolo This time, I wrote a blog before the frame order was confirmed, so I don't know the number, but I guess these four heads. I don't intend to buy only these four heads. There is no idea to lose. Rayideolo is strong, so you can go if you buy it, I guess you can buy what you want in Okinawa. THE Positive. THE Yasuo. It's not good ~ Fuji
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