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Hello! ! I would like to introduce Leader Bikes 735TR on today's blog! "735tr", the highest peak among the "7 series" representative of Leader Bikes! ! Because it is sold as a completed car, even the first person can ride with confidence. The price is what you really care about ... But! There is a reason why it is expensive! ! The 735TR is a valuable body, so you can ride with satisfaction! ! First of all, please take a look at the finished car of "735TR"! ! ・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+tax)
[Color: MATT BLACK / WHITE] Before and after the brake in this state, the state with a pedal is "finished product"! ! The 735TR is not the standard aluminum compared to the other 7 series, but like CINELLI and DOSNOVENTA. It is a lightweight, sturdy, excellent frame material that uses aluminum of "7000 series"! ! ! If you touch it, you can see it, but it looks wide from the side, but it is quite sharp, thin and aero shape! ! And the most important thing is "crank"! ! In other brands, most of the finished cars do not have that good crank! but! ! "Direct crank" is set from the beginning on the finished car of "735TR"! ! The FSA -specific standard 30mm spindle is more rigid than the conventional direct crank and converts pedaling power into propulsion! ! To put it simply, the power is transmitted, so you can row easily and speed up! ! Well, in terms of price, it has a crank of about ¥ 30,000! !
The crank part is an important part of "custom" someday as you get on! ! So to speak, "engine" part! ! Just a good thing will change the ride comfort! ! Later, crank custom will take about ¥ 3,000 (+tax) even if the wage is cheap! ! Then it is overwhelmingly advantageous to be attached from the beginning! ! The first cost is a bit, but in the long run, it is a body that you will never regret! ! If you are considering Leader Bikes in the future, why not consider "735TR"? ? At BROTURES, you can choose the payment method as "cash" "card" "installment payment"! ! In installments, you can pay with low burden because the interest rate is low! When I simulate with the 735TR completed car, ... ・ In the case of 12 payments ・
You can pay like this! Please feel free to use it! ・ We are also conducting a great campaign during February, so we look forward to this machine!
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