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If you are riding a bicycle every day, if you notice it, along with pedaling If you are worried about the sound, "Karakara ..." or "Jala ...", the oil on the chain may be broken. Even if you don't want to do it frequently, you want to do it frequently At the time you are interested, the choice of the chain oil maintenance. Introducing the oil that you actually use at the store and recommend it. This is the number one personal.
BORED BSLR ¥ 2800 (tax included) If you lubricate it firmly, the gear and the chain will separate, "Pitchipichi Pichi ..." You can hear the moistened sound.transformationA very pleasant sound for a mechanic. I've been parting after encountering the oil, but the addictive lubrication performance is overwhelmingly this "BSLR". Even if you are lined up in the workplace, red is cool again. Because it is an easy -to -use dropper type, it feels like you have one lap of "potato" on the link of the frame. Also, not only as a chain oil, but also as a substitute for assembling grease Versatile that can be used to prevent bearings and baked baked. I wonder if there are two to three in the family. BORED, as expected.
This is also BORED's oil
Light Duty ¥ 2400 (tax included) Here is a lower viscosity and more specialized in the chain than BSLR. Oil, which is too smooth, loses its functions even if it splatters with the rotation of the chain when driving. The chemical professional "BORED" adjusts to the optimal viscosity that does not lose the lubrication function or not scattered. It is OK to use this for bearings, etc., but it is better to use it for high rotation parts because it is lower viscosity than BSLR. Even if you use it for skateboard bearings, it's perfect! I'll maintain my car, beans! This is good.
Here is the last.
VIPROS Grassage ¥ 2200 (excluding tax) This is the only spray type in this recommended. Speaking of chain oil, I feel like I think of this. Among the many so many dying, this grassage is the most convenient, so I put it in recommended. I want you to do one drop of potapota in a dropper type, No matter what, there is no such time and place, and it is impossible in personality. Please click here. It penetrates the inside firmly and keeps a decent oily. Because it is spray spraying, be careful when you do it in the house.
High lubricating performance means reducing metal wear. I want you to give good oil for chains, cogs and chain rings. The easiest and effective maintenance, necessary tools and tools It can be introduced at the store, and I hope you can introduce it on your blog soon. 763 (NARUMI)
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