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As I wrote in last week's blog, I went to Okinawa with my friends. Well, the temperature was easy to spend, and I was able to go where I wanted to go, and it was the best environment where I could always laugh. However, the weather is bad and I can't get on the fix, and I wrote from the beginning, but it's unfortunate that horse racing has come off.
Although it is not a fine weather, it can be reached by Ron T, and the road was narrow, but it has been wandering. So, I wanted to go here. I'm not interested, but let me introduce you. ↓ Double Volante(Double voluntary)Mr. Miss.
This is the shop I really wanted to go to in Japan. I thought I wanted to go for many years, but I couldn't do anything. Roughly speakingDenim shopMr. is. I have the image of a fixie and gambling ahead, but my hobby is not all, but the most is denim.
The inside of the store is like this, rather than a store. It is a shop where you can order everything from the scratch, such as denim fabric, ounce, thread, sewing, rivets, etc. I do it all by myself. It's too great. The Union Special Sewing machine in the foreground is a cool season. I've been ordering my ideals firmly. I can't wait for the completion. It has become long. To the main subject of the blog. I always write various wheels with wheels, but from this time, the wheels are composed of small divisions.Rim Hub Spokes NippleLet's write about. laterWay of assemblingAnd. Today is the first timeAbout spokes and nipplesI want to touch it. A spoke is something that looks like a wire, and the nipple is a small part that takes it from the rim side. There are a wide variety of spokes and nipples, as well as manufacturers.
SospokeLet's go. First of all, but firstPlain spoke. The 14th plain spoke is generally used. The thickness of the part from the head of the spoke to the screws is 2.0mm. There are other 13th and 15th, and No. 13 is 2.34mm and No. 15 is 1.8mm. If the number is small, it is sturdy, but it is thick and heavy, and if the number is large, it will be thin and light. Well, I don't see the 13th spoke. The basics are 14 or 15. So, if there is no spoke specification when ordering a hand assembly wheel order, I basically use the 14th spoke. In the place to say about thisThings that are not good or badThat is the main reason. nextVated spokes The thickness between the edges of the spoke and the middle part is different. Single vited spoke head with 2.0mm and the straight part over the screw head is 1.8mm. Double baddet is something like 2.0mm on both ends of the spoke and 1.8mm in the middle straight part. There are other triple vated spokes. These spokesIt is excellent in plainness to plain, and the load is ensured due to thickness. lastlyAero spoke Like the bated spokes mentioned earlier, the spokes with different thicknesses in the middle and the middle are in the vated spoke, but the shape is slightly different. The middle part of the spoke is processed flatIt is a spoke that is aimed at reducing air resistance, etc., and this aero spoke is generally used for complete wheels such as Hed. And Corima. Sapim CX-ray, which often appears on my blog, is this aero spoke. The price will increase in the order of plane → vated → aero,Even if you change from plain to batting, the price does not change much. Aero is a little expensive. However, I definitely recommend it as a performance. I personally think that Sapim CX-Ray and DT aero are the best spokes that can withstand high tension. I don't care about air resistance anymore. If it's light, it's the lightest thing like a batted 1.8mm-1.6mm-1.8mm, but it's not so recommended that you lose the hardness of the rim and don't want to stretch your tension. If you want to build a wheel for the time being, if you value sturdynessplane. I don't want to make money, but if you want a light wheel that has been rigidly ensuredVated If you want to make itAero It would be nice if you could choose a spoke with such a nuance.
,nipple。 It is a small part, but when the wheel is made, the load is quite heavy. mainly,Brass nippleandAluminum nipplethere is. It is often said that brass is sturdy because it can withstand high tension. Aluminum is light but slightly inferior to durability. This is a little different from what I personally feel. Aluminum is more likely to be sloppy when assembling aluminum compared to brass. When using it, I don't feel stronger than brass, and aluminum can be lighter, so I'm definitely an aluminum. There are many aluminum color variations, so I think you can make more unique wheels. Is it like this? When ordering a hand -based wheel, I tend to think only the rim and hubs, but it would be interesting to be particular about spokes and nipples. I didn't touch the brand about this spoke nipple, but it was a rough explanation, but if you want to know that, please ask again. If you can touch it a little, Plain Batered Nipple is the basic DT Swiss when I make a wheel, and the aero spoke is Sapim CX-Ray. Of course, the reason for it is me, but it's too long, so I hope I can write it someday. I wrote a blog with no interesting blogs, but this still lasts several times. Next is the rim edition.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction First of all, from the previous result. Losing。 I wrote at the beginning. While I was in Okinawa, my heart was aiming for Kyoto horse racing, but it didn't arrive. This week's race Tokyo 11R February Stakes (G1 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓ 6 Incunation 10 Temjin Suk 13 Let's Gordonki 14 Gold Dream 15 Best Warrior I'm worried that nobody will see it soon. No, haven't you seen it? I don't feel like hitting at all. I personally expect an incumination. Ah, scary horse racing. Fuji
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