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Hello! In today's blog, we asked Narumi of the Osaka store in an interview format and this! What does "Narumi" say that he is said to have the most knowledge in BROTURES? ? For those who are starting to ride and those who are riding now, it is a must -read! !

・ Encounter with a piste bike ・

Ayumu: Hereafter A A: ---- Why did Narumi take the fixi in the first place? Narumi: Hereafter N N: I was interested in Harley Davidson and originally worked at a motorcycle shop. I liked playing with various things. Then I decided to handle a bicycle in the place where I worked before. Well, at that time, I was at the bottom, unlike now, so I started to be interested in bicycles from the flow of "Then, do you do it?"

・ The charm of a piste bike ・

A: ---- I think I came across a fixie bike, where did Narumi attract you on a fixie bike? N: I saw a senior at that time riding the "NJS Proton", and when I returned, I saw it running away at the same speed as the car. that? ? The fixie bike is cool ~ ... ! Well, I guess I was chasing that person's back ... (laughs)

・ Favorite piste bike ・

A: ---- I heard that you have a considerable number of piste bikes, which brand is your favorite car now? N: Now, I have a total of four piste bikes, but recently I'm on the Leader Bikes Kagero. I rode a lot, but if you run in the city, it's easy to go down and look cool. Isn't the name "kagero" cool? (Laughs)

・ It's fun to find one of your own

A: ---- Finally, Mr. Narumi is familiar with the great fixes, and some beginners may be difficult to talk to, but for readers who are considering "I want to ride a piste bike!" Please give me some advice. N: Honestly, for beginners, I may be too maniac, but I will solve anything if I do not know. Please feel free to contact us when you come to the BROTURES Osaka store! ■ Profile Sosuke Narumi Born in Hokkaido. She moved to Tokyo and worked at a motorcycle shop dealing with Harley Davidson. Taking advantage of that experience, he is currently active as a "Broturs" mechanic chief.
=== Sentence: ayumu Photo: ayumu ・ We are also conducting a great campaign during February, so we look forward to this machine!
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