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Continuing from the previous blog, todayAbout the rimI will write it. Of the parts that make up the wheels, the rounded parts used on the outside are the rims. The material is mainly aluminum or carbon. There are rarely wood and titanium. When compared with parts such as spokes, hub nipples, I think that the largest type is the rim. Therefore, it may be the most worrisome place to consider hand -assembled wheels. What you are worried about when choosing a rim can look like a look, weight, or a brand.
First, the effect of the weight on the wheel when choosing a rim. One wheel is 500g of rim/hub spokes 300g, assuming two wheels. The other is a rim 400g/hub spoke 400g wheel. At that time, the latter will be more than if you customize these wheels from the wheels on the finished vehicle. As a reasonThe important thing in improving driving is more than the overall weight of the wheelLighten the weight of the outer periphery of the wheelis. The rim on the outer periphery is the rim. By doing so, the lightness of acceleration and rowing will change. In a good way. If you think about running first, it means that the hub is a little heavy. For example, riding in the city, stop and go at the signal will be easier and the start of rowing will be lighter.
Next, change with material and specifications。 As I wrote at the beginning, you can think of the material of aluminum and carbon. Like the finished car, most rims seen in the city are made of aluminum. Aluminum is often cheaper than carbon, and is around 20,000 at most. Conversely, carbon has a wide range from cheap to expensive, and if it is cheap, it will exceed 100,000 if it is expensive from the latter half of 20,000. The reason for the price is a brand, a manufacturing process, and so on.Basically, I will refrain from cheap carbon with unknown manufacturers, but。 There is no strength in rough making. Get a good aluminum to reach out there. Aluminum is basically a low rim hat, which is about 40mm at best. If you make something more, it will be too heavy, and if you try to make it lighter, you will lose strength. Aluminum rims can be from soft rims to hard rims, but basically they are not so soft to riding, and they can make hard things if they are assembled firmly. but,Hard rims are harder to flutter for the movement and power of the skid like a skidThat's true. So, in the case of aluminum, I recommend the hard rim I think. In the case of carbon, there are many rim hats higher than aluminum. Even if the rim hat is enhanced, the weight is light, and the strength can be stronger when compared with aluminum. Carbon feels soft in the riding taste compared to aluminum. The characteristics of the carbon material are shock absorption, so it relieves the thrust from below. If you want more rim hats rather than aluminum, you will naturally reach the option of carbon. Regardless of the specifications, there are clincher type and tubular type for rim use. Recently, there is a tubeless rim, but this time I will put it. The clincher type requires tires and tubes, and the tubular type is integrated with tires and tubes, and tires on the rim. The clincher type rim is hooked on the tire, so it is essential to secure the strength, so it is essential to secure strength, so it is inevitably heavier than the tubular type rim. If you want to make a wheel with a focus on lightness anyway, select the tubular type.
It has become a long time, but what I wrote here is a rough explanation. The rim has many options, but if you click the conditions, it will be considerably narrowed down. In the first place, the condition of the good rim is also ambiguous, and what I thinkRim with good accuracy of light, hard, joint (welding).is. The best thing about those stepsMavic Open ProI think it is. It is a biased opinion of the individual after thinking about running, but if you customize the wheelFirst, select a light rimI think it should be done. I wonder if it is necessary to select a heavy object and assemble it. And I think that there are few things that can be said to be good for choosing too much about not being covered. There are several main points to choose my rim. To select an aluminum clincher type rimWeight 370 to 460g rangeand. I haven't seen much of the rim that cuts 370g, but if you cut it around here, you will feel a lot of anxiety about the strength, and maybe cracks will be in the rim. Conversely, the rim that exceeds 460g is too heavy personally. There are quite a few rims within this range. STAN'S ZTR ALPHA 340
This rim is the lightest aluminum rim. Originally it was 340g, but now the average measured average is about 375g. In the past, it was too light and the area around the nipple was weak, but now this is cool. Hed. Belgium rim
The weight is just barely allowed, but the accuracy and rigidity are secured, such as the hand of the brand print to the rim with a wide rim. Above all, Hed. A solid name value. I am different, but in general, it may be the top in aluminum rim. Easton R90 SL
I don't want you to forget this Easton. This is a specification rim similar to Hed. Belgium, but I like this. I like the manufacturer called Easton, but I feel that the feeling of being simply assembled is above. And the carbon lincher rim is not good because it depends on the rim hat, but I wonder if it is better to refrain from 370g or less like aluminum. It is only from the experience of the young people who like me, but I guess it is less than 370g that the nipple area is weak and there are things that cannot be tension. The strongest is the carbon tonbler. I am surprised because there is 300g. Well, I think it's good to be a carbon clincher and a 50-60mm height to get on the city and feel comfortable and comfortable. F rim 35mm & 55mm
This is a good rim without saying that it is a company's product. I touched and assembled various carbon rims, but this accuracy is quite outstanding in this price range because it is sold alone. You can assemble a crisp wheel because the specifications are a little elaborate. ENVE and CORIMA are also put out by the rim alone, but it is not easy because the price is price. By stepping in more, I think that the 35mm is better or excellent for the height when you see the rim alone. Was it a little helpful for choosing a rim? I may not read it because it is too long. If you have a rim that you care about, is it? At that time, you can refer to this and you can ask directly. nextHub editionand.
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