Cinelli "VIGARELLI" is available.

Introducing today is sold by limited number in Japan"Cinelli"Track frame. 2017"Red Hook Crit"Won the overall victory in"Team Cinelli Chrome"
Team rider"Davide Vigano"
He used the final round of the series Italy in Milan"Vigorelli Alu"Special color has been available in limited quantities.
Frame set/¥ 138,000- (excluding tax) From the name of the rider VIGANO"Vigarelli"This model named. It is a conventional modelVIG "O"Rellifrom,VIG "a"RelliWhat has been changed is Vigano's spelling"VIGANO"Be It seems that it has also been played. As with the playfulness peculiar to CINELLI, I feel his respect for a wonderful result. The sponsor logo is scattered around the frame everywhere, led by Chrome.
In Japan, it is sold in limited quantities, and the frame has a serial number.
For top tubes"Volaviga!"The logo.
If you dig"Volare Davide Vigano! (Fly! David Vigano!)"It seems to be abbreviated. Now, here is a brief explanation to those who do not know Red Hook Crit.

What is Red HooC Crit (hereinafter: RHC)?

In 2008, on the birthday of David himself in Brooklyn, the United States, a local skilled messenger Unauthorized on the street race"Alley Cat Race"I started. It was a completely underground illegal race, such as holding it in the middle of the night for several years, but in 2010, Cinelli was attached to the main sponsor, and the movement spread rapidly on the stage to the world. increase. The important race content is a bicycle road race that blocks the city area, 1LAP/1.24km, which is made in the city, 24LAP, and competes for who can Finish.
The motorcycle to usePiste bike (FIXED GEAR/fixed gear)only. In principle, no brakes and skids (tricks to lock the rear wheels and apply brakes) are prohibited. Unlike the well -maintained trucks, the course is exactly the street where people come and go. The race is a crazy race that is commonplace because the race is continued even if it is in rainy weather as well as the road surface.
Last year, the Japanese player, Akinori Yamamura, is also an RHC championship team."Allez-allez Specialized" "It was exciting because I signed the first Asian rider's contract.
It is said that organizer day bits are considering this RHC in Japan. It seems to be a little more realistic, but if it is held, the recognition of the fixie bike will rise dramatically, so I am looking forward to it. Currently at Kichijoji store"Vigarelli"There are exhibited vehicles at the store. The stock is unstable, but it is now available for sale by limited number. We are glad to receive the delivery by the finished car and the change from the bicycle you are riding. If you are worried, please come to see the actual car, it's really cool. It was introduced by the frame today, but I wish I could write a custom bike blog this weekend. No, cool. Then we are waiting for you today! Fleet When purchasing/making a reservation, please use the following template to contact us or call directly to the store.
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