Parallax. A bicycle that is the opposite ...

Among the Cinelli Mash seriesBoltAnd divide the popularityParallax。 It is a frame that is often compared to bolt, but if Bolt is a geometry with emphasis on operability, Parallax is a genuine truck design. Just a racer. If so, a straight line chief. This is the fix. The speed riding is out of the group. This geometry is really cool.The tight geometry makes me even think "manly". I don't really like the nuances of "easy to ride". Because it can only be felt by the rider. But this may be difficult to handle in the city.A bicycle that is the opposite of ordinary city cycle.It may be said that the habit is strong. That habit is the original fun of the fist. With parallax, you will surely feel it. You can make it clean, but today I did a slightly habit -custom custom.
NUKEPROOF HORIZAON DH BAR ¥ 11,000 (+Tax) MTB brand from the United States. The brand name has the meaning of "sturdy that can withstand nuclear attacks". A handlebar for downhill made with 7050 aluminum. The strength is, of course, light. Stem: Thomson X2 Wheel: Brotures F55 X DT Swiss Track Hub Crank: MICHE PISTARD AIR Seat Post: Thomson Elite Saddle: Fabric Scoop Race Other specifications look like this. Parallax is a model that has already finished production, like Bolt. If the current stock is gone, it will be difficult to get it. If you are looking for a frame that can be dating for a long time, please consult as soon as possible. Junki
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