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Wheel compositionThis blog is also written every week under the title. Today is"HubI will write about "". The hub is the most centered part of the wheel composition, one of the few rotating parts among the bicycles. Therefore, I think that some people have the idea that if you use a high rotational thing for the hub, you can run as a wheel. I don't think it's a mistake, but it's also a part that is hard to say. In the first place, there are various things such as the type of flange type and bearing specifications for the hub. First, the type of flange. (Flange is the side where there is a hole to pass through the spoke) To the hubLarge flangeandSmall flangoIt is divided into two types. Large flange is heavier as the area as a hub increases. However, it is said that the wheel rigidity increases due to the merit of strength, such as horizontal rigidity and rotation rigidity against bearings. Small flanges are basically light because the size of the hub is small, and are often used for the front hub on roads. It is said that the rigidity of the wheel is lower because it is inferior to the rigidity as a large flange. However, I wonder if the wheel rigidity of this flange is not to make it so large. Even if you use a small flango, you will be able to secure rigidity by assembling and spokes, and you don't feel rigid. I am. And bearing specifications. Shield bearingandball bearing(Cup & corn) is divided. The shield bearing is the current mainstream, and most hubs use it. By sticking the bearing, garbage is difficult to enter, and there are many things such as improving durability and maintenance -free. Basically, adjustments are required, and it is premised that the shield bearing is replaced if the bearing has a backlash or gorgeous feeling. Ball bearings are different from shields and are assumed to be adjusted. There is a bearing in the hub, but the film is made with grease or oil there, so that the play does not occur. There is no hub with this specification recently, and I think this specification has been consistently consistently this specification. There is only 36H but Grancompe Pro? For those who can do adjustments and maintenance, I think that a cup & corn type hub will be a ball bearing and a hub that can be used forever. This is the explanation of the hub. So which hub should I use from a number of hubs when I build a wheel? There is a question. The story that was fluttering, my answer is "Good if you use something you care about or what you like"is. In short, anything is fine. This is not a troublesome answer, but an obedient feeling. As a specification required for a hubThree of rotation, rigidity, and durabilityI think it will be an important point. However, many of the high rotation are not rigid or durable, and on the contrary, there is no rigidity and durable one that has no rotation. As far as I know, I will give you an exampleThe rotation isGREDDYI think it is.
It turns really well. But that's the story of the hub alone. When attached to the body, the rotation is reduced by tightening from both sides, and this is not the case with this rotation. However, that rotation with a hub alone is amazing, and I like it and use it. If it becomes rigid and durablePhilwood.
First of all, it is usually heavy. Moreover, it does not turn at all when compared with the one that turns by the hub alone. However, PhilWood says "Creature"It is a hub that you can keep using as much as you say. The hub shell is what I can keep using. PHILWOOD is a shield bearing, but if you overuse it, you have to replace the bearing if you have gorgeous or play. At that time, it is pressured, but it is Philwood that can withstand this many times. It's an expensive thing, but it may be the best cospa when viewed in the long run. It will be perfect for the rear, which is heavy due to skids. It was an Instagram that I did a little last timeWhat is a good cospa hub?Question. This answer is honestly difficult. The answer will differ from person to person. butGRANCOMPE or CYCROCWhat is one of my good cospa hubs.
There is no special part, and there is no bad part. The price is cheap and rich in color. It's best for the time being, and I don't think these hubs will be abolished. I think a little about the shape of the flange shape and the compatibility with the spokes by assembly, but it is quite rough to think about the hub when I build a wheel. The front is a small flange hub and rear on the road with a favorite manufacturer and shape. There is only such a thing about my own hub. For the time being, the front has many kinds of road hubs, so you can make a light wheel and a light wheel. The rear changes depending on the mood. If the left and right different diameter flange hubs are on sale, I think I will use it. If there is a rotationalness to some extent, I'm not thinking about it. We are particular about how to assemble and select rim spokes than hubs. I feel like it's a blog. If you just summarize my thoughts, ・ Choose your favorite hub This is all. In the wheels, rim spokes are mostly black silver, and I think that you will be particular about something. At that time, I think that the hub is the most effective and cool if you try to put it in the color. Put your favorite hub and raise the goodness as a wheel with a rim, spoke, and how to assemble it. It's a pretty biased opinion. It's weird to write this, but I will say a word at the end. If you get safe, it will definitely be high even if the price is highPhilwoodis.
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