After all the moment when I think "black"...


In today's blog, I would like to introduce "Leader Bikes 735TR"! !

There are two types of "735TR", "Black" and "White", and I think that there are quite a few people who are worried about this color choice!

Black is no gloss, the parts are black, so it's black! The white is glossy and looks more beautiful than black!

I myself riding a 735TR "WHITE" and I like "white",

I thought that "black" was good because there were no things, so today I customized the "black" 735TR!

・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+tax)

Handle Easton EA50 ¥ 7,000 (+tax)

Bar Tape GODANDFAMOUS ¥ 5,000 (+Tax)

F/Wheel BROTURES T4 ¥ 95,000 (+Tax)

・ Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 284,000 (+Tax)

I assembled it like this!

It is a simple custom custom handle and front wheel! !

Everything is black, so I put a pattern in the bar tape! !

The white 735TR is good, but the black "735TR" is also cool with a different atmosphere! !

After all, this atmosphere is only 735TR of extremely thick aero frame!

If you are considering purchasing a piste bike in the future, why not include the highest peak of "Leader Bikes" as an option? ?

Finally, when I simulate this custom bike 24 times, ...

You can pay with a low burden like this!

Please feel free to use it! !


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