If you throw away all the "easy to ride",...

PARALLAX is the only frame that I do not recommend for the first person to ride for the first time.
CINELLI X MASH PARALLAX Frame Set ¥ 108,000 (+Tax) It has been a long time since track racers such as bicycle racing frames are riding in the city, but each brand has also released a frame packed with gimmicks tailored to the demand. However, this parallax is different. The frame design that goes back to the times is a genuine track racer. I don't think you can get a common "easy -to -ride" feeling for flattering. It is a refreshing and blue -like design of white and blue, but its contents are completely carnivorous. Geometry, which is tight and unavailable than any frame, is exactly the "man in a man". That's why an outstanding speed that you can taste. This is a fix. The flow of the times is moving more and more genre -less, but bicycles are no exception. The epoch -making frame called WORK proposed by Mash embodies it. It is a truck frame, but you can also do cyclocrus. It can be a commuter car like a commuter. It is a very convenient and highly expandable frame. However, I can't help but feel that the Mash itself has released this frame at the same time, which throws all of those "easy to ride". I guess a bicycle was easy to ride. With this habit, it would have been a fun vehicle with its sharp ride. It is a perfect frame to know the culture of fixes. Unfortunately, this parallax has already been discontinued, so it is over in the current stock. I like fixes. It is one that I want people who want to ride. TOSHI
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