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The other day, I tried to build wheels using only Japanese brands.
ARAYA SA-730 X Dura-Ace Custom Wheel But the only parts that Japan can be proud of in the world is not only the wheels. Rather, this is my favorite. It's a crank. Speaking of the classic crank of the fist, it is Sugino's 75. It is a crank without complaints that continue to be active since the dawn.
SUGINO SG75 144 Crank And the crank that I would like to recommend for those who want more high grades is Dura Ace. It's not much different from Sugino, but it's packed with special technologies only for SHIMANO.
SHIMANO DURA-ACE FC-7710 Track Crank It is a track crank of DURA ACE, the highest grade of SHIMANO. Although it is a crank that is not as good as Sugino, Brotures loves the fastest Kageki. So what's amazing? First of all, it's light. Sugino 75 is about 520g for reference. DURA ACE is about 440g. The reason is SHIMANO's unique hollow structure.
The spider arm is boldly removed, and the crank arm is led to laund and high -rigidity. And the BB standard is also a little special. The SHIMANO octarink standard looks like a factory in the map.
SHIMANO DURA-ACE BB-7710 In this way, the rigidity of the BB and cranks is increased by increasing the ground contact surface of the BB and cranks rather than the general square taper like Sugino. Rigidity cannot be ignored in bicycle cranks. If you step on it, you will move forward. It is a crank where you can feel such a feeling directly. In addition, this BB has an interesting structure that the bearing uses two types of retainers and needle bearings. It is easier to adjust and maintain balls than SUGINO's NJS BB, and it turns well.
It is a personal impression, but Dura Ace seems to be upward compatible with Sugino 75. Of course, Sugino is a favorite brand, and I often recommend it to customers. But if you don't want to wear too many people or want to use something better, I think the choice of Dura Ace is really good. Although it is a barefoot, the origin of Dura Ace is the "durability" from the two initials of the material duralumin and the durability, and the "ACE" called "the best in the world" is combined. ACE "is" " It doesn't matter more, but which is the etymology of Durable or the Laurent's Holy Sword Durandal? The strongest (mad?) Of Laurent and the image of the Dura Ace cranks overlap. TOSHI
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