It's been a long time in stock.

I was surprised when I saw this chain ring for the first time. Nowadays, many options such as ROTOR, RAKETA, and Aarn have increased, but it was shocking at the time of Sugino and SHIMANO.
FACTORY FIVE F5 Lattice Chainring ¥ 10,500 (+Tax) Sugino and SHIMANO are mainly a chain ring that mainly uses competitions such as bicycle racing and track racing. There was a relatively reasonable chain ring targeting end users like us, taking into account the design, taking into account the design. This Lattice Chainring is just a pioneer. The weight of the meat was only 75g. It is a technique that can only be made because of the high cutting technology using a very hard 7075 aluminum. Although it has a sufficiently unique shape, the gold platter that first appeared at the time of the previous arrival is outstandingly popular.
I'm sorry I couldn't prepare so much this time, but please forgive me. The number of teeth is 47T and 49T. Gold platters are only 49T in stock. Please do not miss it.
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