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In March, the day of the bicycle has gradually increased. Introducing items that enhance your bicycle life are available.
Premier smartphone holder ¥ 1750 (excluding tax) Let's take a look.
First, attach a smartphone to the body like this.
If you set a smartphone in the middle while pulling it in a good feeling and sliding down,
Wrap the mounting band around the handle through the hole on the back.
Then, pull the jerk that came out, Choose a hole that can be held firmly and hook it on the claw.
Something like this.
And simple installation like this. The nice point of this premiere holder is The mounting belt is thick and longmatter! ! that's why
Thick clamp diameterOf course, not only the root of the drop handle and the bullhorn
You can also attach it to the stem。 At this position, it seems that you can fully fulfill the navigation function! We will summarize the functions! ・ Because it is a silicone material, protect the smartphone from vibration and hold it firmly. ・ It can be attached to the stem as well as the handlebar. ・ Letting and detachment is easy because it only hooks the belt. ・ Compatible size: 4 "to 5.5" If it's an iPhone, it's 8/7/6/6s/5/5SE. (8plus and 7plus are strict and tough, but X should be without case)
Isn't this item a necessity for going out on weekends or traveling on a new land in a new life? If you use a dedicated app, you can measure the mileage and speed. It is affordable, so how about one? 763 (NARUMI)
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