Simple is the best. Clean Kagero.

Today's custom theme is as the title. It is a classic, or a proposal for a simple way to get tired.
Popular Kagerou.Attention is focused on the fact that the material and specifications have been upgraded and it has become a very lightweight frame, but I think that the biggest goodness of this frame is the design. Geometry with beautiful reverse throwing, gun metal paint and graphics reminiscent of the first generation. Each of them is a very elegant and high -quality atmosphere. Because it is such a good frame, I want to assemble as much as possible in the atmosphere of the frame rather than doing it. Handle: CINELLI LOLA BULLHORN Stem: Thomson X2 Wheel: Leader L44 Crank: MICHE PISTARD AIR Seat Post: Thomson Elite Saddle: Fabric Scoop Lightweight and comfortable carbon wheel. A crank that can be applied to torque. A convenient bullhorn bar. In the case of paved roads, I tried to make one of the all -time, all -time, and all situations. This custom is about 340,000 yen. The basic bike is ¥ 205,000 ~. Is it like this if you use installment payment?
Unfortunately, Kagero is sold out small size. The next arrival is likely to be after May, but I will do my best to replenish it as soon as possible. We also accept reservations, especially the S size, which we have in particular, so it may be a little quick, but please put it on from now on.

We also have a kagero where you can test drive.

It is a mechanic Narumi's personal belongings, so it is the finest assemble. I don't think you can ride this quality bike. The size is in the middle M size. If you are worried about choosing a size, if you are worried about the ride, please ride. You may be a little nervous, but it's okay to get a little moss. Please do not worry about it because I buy it at the company. Junki
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