Simple custom is sometimes good


Today's blog introduces Leader Bikes 735TR!

Speaking of 735TR royal roads, it is a custom with "carbon wheel".

In today's custom, it is one of the “hand -based wheels” that is good at the Osaka store!

It looks simple, but it's a custom bike that you can see!

・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (+tax)

Handle DEDA CRONO NERO ¥ 6,900 (+Tax)

Stem Thomson X2 ¥ 10,000 (+Tax)

F/R Wheel H Plus Son AT-25 × PHILWOOD ¥ 52,000 ~ (+tax)

・ Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 288,900 (+Tax)

I set this time"H Plus Son"of"AT-25"If you look closely, the color is not black,

I use a rim with a color -like color! !

It looks simple, but for the hub"PHILWOOD"We are particular about running and using! !

If you are considering the body from now on, "carbon wheels" are good, but chose "hand -based wheels" that you are good at in Osaka.

Can I try it? ?

Finally, when I simulate this custom bike 24 times, ...

You can pay with a low burden like this! !

Please feel free to use it! !

April 22nd (Sun)

[WE WANT x Norida]

Please feel free to consult by phone or email.



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