How far is the finished car actually comp...

Hello! ! In today's blog, I would like to write about the "finished car" we often talk about! "For the first time," finished car "is better!" "Completed car is cheaper!" As it has been said in various ways, what kind of condition is the finished car! ! ! ! I would like to thoroughly analyze the completed car! ! The model is "Leader Bikes 735TR"! If you are considering the body from now on, please refer to this blog and refer to it! ! ・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE (completed car) ¥ 185,000 (+tax)
This state is the so -called"Finished car"is! ! To put it simply, if you buy this much, you can get on immediately! ! Let's check the finished car of "735TR" in detail! First, the handle part! !
At first, "Road Drop" is set! ! Bar tape is not wrapped, so if you need it, it will cost a bar tape! ! And of course, the finished car! The brakes are included, so it's on the front and back!
Next is the saddle part! !
The seat post is set from the beginning with "Leader Bikes" carbon seat post! The saddle is set with Leader's original plain simple one! There is no problem for the first time because the hardness is soft! ! And next is the wheel part! !
Unlike 721 and CURE, the wheels set at 735TR from the beginning have a "42mm" deep wheel set!
And since the hub of the rear wheel is cut, "fixed gear" and "free gear" are set! You can set up for either like! ! And finally, the "crank" part! Honest "735TR" The first highlight of the completed car is this crank!
From the beginning, it is not an exaggeration to say that it has become mainstream in recent years. ! The FSA -specific standard 30mm spindle is more rigid than the conventional direct crank, and will convert pedaling power into propulsion! This is the whole picture of the "735TR" completed car! ! As I told you at the beginning, at first you can ride without any problems if you buy a "finished car" for the time being! ! After that, if there is something to buy first"Light, light, air insert, stand"Is it about ...?
At the Osaka store, we now sell sets of "key, light, air -tailing, stand" set above at a great price. You can buy it with the body purchase! ! By the way, this "key, light, air case, stand" set[¥ 20,000 (+tax)]is! Rather than buying it aloneApproximately ¥ 5,000Is a great deal, so please come to this machine! ! Finally, I tried to simulate this "Leader Bikes 735TR" finished car 12 times. Please try to reference! !
You can pay with a low burden like this! Please feel free to use it! April 22nd (Sun) [WE WANT x Norida]
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