You can eat it even if you put grease on ...

Hello. "Search: BROTURES Chemical Mechanic" If you can check it out, I want you to get a photo of your face. 763. (It doesn't come out) To assemble not only bicycles but also machine parts Chemicals (oils and fats) are indispensable. The part where the metal and the metal rub are friction, resulting in resistance. After tightening with friction, it has stopped at the end, Even bolts and nuts have chemical buffer and interference You can demonstrate the proper torque, use the parts as a structure In the end, it is established as a bicycle, and the mechanism is established. BROTURES has more mechanics, It is the one that uses various types of chemicals for assembly I think there are only a few people. Rather, you may be the only one. smile First of all, here is the absolute ace or the mainstay.
Wakoise Multipurpass (MPG) A red guy that Osaka mechanic is mainly used.
A multi -perpath's name, a multipurpose grease. Rather than the green color that is often seen from a bicycle manufacturer for bicycles It's a bit hard, but it's good to grow firmly and get on it firmly. I think it's a beautiful color like a jam so I can eat it someday.
Looks are dangerous, but when you insert it in bearings, you do it. Above all, I like "peace of mind and trust". Next, in the store, you should only use yourself on a daily basis
2 types of Wako's Laspene It is a high -performance lubricant. In terms of genre, it's close to KURE's 556 Levels are different, similar. There are high lubrication, water replacement, spraying, and it is like a dark undiluted solution. Use it for the part you don't want to rust and wants to be smooth. Inside the brake wire, rubbing and making a squeaky sound. Also, the parts that have been stuck and stopped coming out are If you hit it with a gas burner, you will get it almost removed. If you use it in the chain, it will scatter while driving, so let's stop. Third
BORED's oils Use properly depending on the viscosity. When you don't want to use grease but want to lubricate well. Because the lubrication of the chain according to the purpose of use is a dropper. It's easy to use. Because it is oil instead of paste, it penetrates firmly, When you work at home, you may not have to get your hands dirty. If you have a lot, you'll also be mixed and enjoyed your own formula. There is still more
Dura grease Official name: Shimano Special Grease. Super ultra high viscosity grease that is hard to see. What
I will pull it out. If you get in your hand, Nechonecho will remain a lot. Chemical number 1 that you never want to use at home. But bicycles have parts that need this grease. Anyway, the airtightness is high if you pack it firmly. I really think that it can be lubricated on a ten -year basis. As expected, Shimano. Reepzen Sakai. Click here to use quite a bit
Henkel Rock Tight/Red and Blue It is a variety of rock tights that are color -coded according to the application, but If you have a bicycle opponent, "red" and "blue" are almost OK. It is a so -called screw lock agent, but it is often used in the sense of loosening. Use it according to the place to use, the torque that can be hanged, and the purpose. It is useful because it can be assembled if there is a BMX assembly. It is important to note that if you make a mistake, the bolt will be broken or it will not come off. later. 。 。
Finishline fiber grip This is a completely chemical for bicycles. Grease is almost prohibited to assemble carbon. Use this fiber grip instead.
The rough feel should be a clear clean clean clean clean. While scattering the torque when the carbon parts are tightened, It is such a chemical that enhances the bite. Depending on the manufacturer, there are some parts specified by complete degreasing when assembling. It is good not to use it in such a case. After three, please come together.
Park tool-baked prevention agent (ASC-1) The case is replaced, but the contents are the same. The place where the torque is applied always has the risk of burning. It ’s almost quite a bit with grease, but it’ s no maintenance for a long time. It is this chemical that the grease flows and sticks. The sticky viscosity like a boiled honey does not flow a little softly. It's a good idea to use it in a hub nut or a place you never want to be bitten. And
Cleaning agent: Viplos Sorbet It really breaks down any dirt. In addition to spraying on a bicycle, cleaning the floor of the spilled spills. I can't wash my car at the store, so I use it and use it, If you can wash high pressure, I feel like you can really shiny anything. I also use it to clean the toilet. I really recommend it. Last but not least
Anything cleaner With this, you can clean up for the time being. A little dirt on the frame, cleaning the chain, removing the seal. Effective for insects flying with cockroaches and combined with writers. The basics are oils and oils for disassembling and cleaning oils, so they specialize in oil stains. Water stains are sorbet and oil stains are like parts cleaners.
I wrote it, but was there anything that was transmitted? smile "There is no bolt just to tighten" I was told by the boss in the previous workplace. If you are not surrounded by the chemical (more than this), the work will be hindered. Everything is to maximize the performance of the bicycle. That's about it. Oh, yeah, tomorrow, March 24, Saturday is noon: workshop, night: ride day! Please feel free to join us!Check this blog for details! 763 (NARUMI)
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