Bike check! Vigarelli!

I ordered a very nice Cinelli Vigarelli. I will introduce it because it was delivered today. While using the parts that you brought in, the MICHE cranks are newly tone. Some parts are ordered according to your wishes. The undercarriage is a stable track part. In the upper body, both roads and riding are absolutely good.

Simple "Fast!"

VIGO SMILE looks more gorgeous than usual! smile How about referring to everyone? SPEC Frame: CINELLI VIGARELLI ¥ 138,000- Handle: Cinelli Bullhorn ¥15.000- Stem: DEDA ZERO100 TEAM Wheel: Mavic Ellipse Crank: MICHE PISTARD 2.0 Seat post: DEDA ZERO100 This Vigarelli frame is limited production, so it will be sold out soon. There are some sizes that cannot be prepared, so please contact us if you are considering! Junki
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