TNI portable tool restock! !

The staff is also investigating new products and new good parts, but I would like to introduce it because there were some products that came out after a long time. There are many types of portable tool variations. We don't have much turn because we maintain every day, but sometimes we want portable tools. What about such portable tools, especially for those who measure torque or use carbon or severe parts?
TNI Torx sleeve set ¥ 6,400 (+tax) ・ Pouch of size that fits in your hand ・ Minira chet wrench (total length 9cm) ・ Torque sleeve 4nm/5nm/6nm ・ Mini tool bit 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/T25/T30/PH1/SL4 If you can cover it with a large capacity, it is a level that exceeds the capacity of portable tools.
If you use a socket, you can also measure severe torque such as stem and fix it.
Ratchet is such a mini. Ratchet wrench is really expensive, even a single item. The basic tens of thousands of yen is the basics. At this time, it is likely to be the strongest portable tool in myself. It is safe if you have one in your bag. It is the best season to travel or go out. How about accompanying such a trip? adacth
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