Classic and royal roads are indispensable.

The classic and royal roads are indispensable, so they survive. It was such a bike that was a classic in the fix, and that always became a longing. Tyrant Bikes Kagero There is no reality in a good way. I was particular about such a custom bike. Rear deep rim on the front baton wheels at the front. Kagero has a light frame, but if you assemble it with a carbon wheel, it's an extraordinary world. It's not just cool, but looks are the most important factor for fixing rides. Front wheel: Brotures T3 Pro Rear Wheel: Brotures Shred60 After all, I want to add a bullhorn to the front down frame like Kagero. This aggressive silhouette is the privilege of the fix. I tend to think that it is spicy forward, but it's easier to ride than it looks. There are a lot of handle, and above all, the shape of DABAR will be nice no matter where you hold it. We are in the Hall of Fame without complaints in us. Handle: DEDA DABAR Certainly multifunctional bicycles will enrich your life. If you can go out by bicycle, you can leave the city and camp. I think it's very nice. But I know that there are more exciting things. The fist gave me the opportunity to adventure everyday and challenge every day. TOSHI
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