I will assemble this. Classic that is not...

Kagero reigns as a high -end frame of Leaderbikes. I feel that this frame is personally called coloring, and it is a frame that can be handed down to posterity, no matter what the shape and performance are taken. It's common, when I came out, I didn't care much, and later, a frame that said, "I should have bought it ..." I think this Kagero is exactly that. Leaderbikes Kagero This is a series that I assemble like this. If it's a good frame that can be handed down to posterity, I want to assemble parts with a classic feeling. Classic does not mean that it is old, but "classic" that is naturally used in English conversation. Isn't it an old -fashioned nuance like "something that doesn't fade" or "the same standard thing"? I personally love that kind of thing, so I tried to assemble it like that.
Leaderbikes Kagero Framest ¥ 120,000 (excluding tax) Summary with all polish & silver The parts are classic Sugino75 X Zen, DEDA Verocita for the classic drop handles This is the classic H Plus Son AT-25 for the front and rear rims. It may not be interesting, but it feels like you're riding and never fades. If you are afraid to come as soon as possible. Kagero's frame inventory is small. The frame set of Kagero starts from ¥ 120,000 (excluding tax). Isn't this an attack an ant sometimes?
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