Longing for that rider, I also played Cin...

Hello! ! Unusual for today's blog, I am an introduction of a custom bike of "Cinelli"! Suddenly, "cinelli" is because my favorite riders are riding! I think that many people know it because it often appears in Mash images and CINelli relations! that's right! This is a good -looking rider "Matt Reyes"! ! This time, the custom bike can only be done with "CINELLI x MASH PARALLAX" with such "Matt Reyes" I approached it and customized it! ! First of all, please see "CINELLI x MASH PARALLAX" where "Matt Reyes" is riding! ! CINELLI × MASH PARALLAX RIDER MATT REYS
This is the Custom Bike !! ・ CINELLI × MASH PARALLAX CUSTOM BIKE ¥ 297,600 (+Tax)
The details of the parts are like this! Handle Nitto for Shred ¥ 6,800 (+Tax) Grip CULT x VANS ¥ 1,500 (+Tax)
Stem Thomson X4 ¥ 10,000 (+Tax)
Seat Post THOMSON Elite ¥ 10,000 (+Tax) Saddle Fabric Scoop Elite ¥ 10,000 (+Tax)
Crank MICHE PISTARD AIR ¥ 32,000 (+Tax)
F/Wheel H Plus Son x PHIL WOOD ¥ 39,300 (+tax)
R/Wheel H Plus Son x PHIL WOOD ¥ 41,300 (+tax)
The specs are not exactly the same as Matt Reyes, but they looked OK, right? ?
Well, I can never remove the "hub" of PHIL WOOD, so I will assemble "Parallax" like this! In fact, this model is still a pretty aimed frame because few people are still riding in Japan! ! It's a frame sale, so you can replace it! ! ・ CINELLI × MASH PARALLAX CYANOTYPE FRAME SET ¥ 108,000 (+tax)
This custom bike is now on display at the store, so please come to see it once! !
Please feel free to consult by phone or email. osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
April 22nd (Sun) It is sold at the advance ticket "BROTURES OSAKA"! [WE WANT x Norida]
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)