That slim child wears anything

Hello! Today's blog introduces "Cartel Bikes", which is easy to purchase for those who buy a fixie bike for the first time! Speaking of CARTEL BIKE, it is a popular model from the first person with a price and simple appearance that is easy to purchase! Today, I chose "Avenue Lo" from such "Cartel Bikes", and I set the wheel of the original BROTURES! It is a slender frame of chromoly, but it goes well with Brotures wheels! If you are considering the body from now on, why not try custom? ? ・ Cartel Bikes Avenue Lo Chrome Compile Bike ¥ 83,000 (+Tax)
This condition is the state of the completed car! ! The things themselves are not bad, but if you ride Cartel Bikes, it will be much better to customize! This time, we are customizing only the wheels! F/Wheel BROTURES SHRED 88 ¥ 55,000 (+Tax)
R/Wheel BROTURES SHRED 88 ¥ 59,000 (+Tax)
・ Cartel Bikes Avenue Lo Custom Bike ¥ 197,000 (+Tax)
It turned out to be something like this! ! It will be perfect for the purpose you see! ! ! This time, I set it back and forth, but of course, I think only one is fine at first! ! Why don't you customize it gradually and raise it? ? Finally, when I simulate this custom bike with 15 times, ...
You can pay with a low burden like this! ! Please feel free to use it! !
Please feel free to consult by phone or email. 06-4391-3313
April 22nd (Sun) It is sold at the advance ticket "BROTURES OSAKA"! [WE WANT x Norida]
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)