This is the essence of hand -assembled wh...

A hand -gated wheel that some customers have solidified last week and ordered at a stretch. Thanks to you, I have a wheel every day, but among them, the number of orders increased suddenly."Moranbon group"。 In the past, there was a way of assembling this on my blog, and I will do it, but I came here and I came with Don. I wrote it because it hurts my finger, so I'm surprised. So, the wheel to be introduced this time is one set in the order. First from the front desk. Velocity Aileron × RAKETA Molanbon(One twist)
Use Aileron introduced on last week's blog for the rim
Raketa, which has just arrived on the hub.
The front is twisted with the Moranbon group. And the rear. Easton R90 SL DISC × PHILWOOD LARGE(Twisted)
I also love the rim, Easton R90 rim
The hub is already a piste of iron plate and heavyweight PHILWOOD.
The rear is also a Moranbon group, but unlike the front, it has a twisted specification. Orders with different ways to assemble before and after Moranbon. The order was to knit the spokes alternately between black and silver. I get a variety of wheel orders and make various wheels, but the order itself is rare. Whether you are assembling or looking at the uphillThis is a wheel that I felt strongly that it was unique to hand -assembled wheels. It may not be something like "this is the correct answer" in considering the hand -based wheels, but if you want to make it a hand -assembled wheel! When the order like that comes, it's exciting even if it's not my thing. When customizing the wheels, I think that each part you think is different, such as "driving", "appearance", and "price range", but if you are worried. Please rely on our staff. I recommend a good thing. We will respond kindly. It's fun to think about parts and specifications with customers, without the business. I guess it will turn into an attachment when customs only when the customer is worried.I think. You can write something difficult. I guess I'm the only one who thinks so. Well, I'm waiting for the wheel order.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction Horse racing lovers, did you see? Satsuki Prize. It was rough, it was a high dividend. It was really difficult to predict. But last week, all three horses were marked with the predictions I posted. So, the previous result is. Lost. excuse me. Say to the preliminary length. But let me tell you. I attached the seal. I was betting and betting. When I checked the horse that entered the line, I was willing to hit it. Moreover, it is over 1 million of 370,000 × 3. Ah, the times. Well, when you hit it, it's like this. Like. That's a bunch, shit. It was useless if the second and third were not reversed. Ah, I'm sorry to write this now. Yes, just complaints. Or rather, it's miserable. I haven't hit it. Refunded 0 yen。 This week's race Kyoto 11R Mylars CG2 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
I wonder if there is no expectation to be rough this time. I think it's safe to put your favorite in Air Spinel or Mozua Scott, but Kawada jockey, who has a good feeling recently, is on the saddle.LogicuraiTo. Is this coming out or bad? And tomorrow"Norida"There is also. If you go with you, let's go with the ride from around 5 o'clock. At that time, if you are a good horse racing, you'll get a good drink if you do a good thing. I'm choro. What is my treatment? Fuji
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