9 can be done with Brotures YOKOHAMA.

BROTURES is a piste specialty store. But what exactly can you do with that? I'm not sure. We sometimes do too much and sometimes we don't know. So I tried to summarize it briefly. 1. "Test drive service" It is easy to say fixie bike, fixed gear, but the best shortcut to understand it is to experience it. We offer test rides for various models, so you can try it until you are willing to worry. Please contact us for parts that are difficult to understand only by sentences, such as size and gear ratio. 2. "Rental bike" Yokohama is a very good city. You all know without saying. How about a stylish motorcycle for sightseeing in a wonderful city? Of course, there is no charge, so please feel free to use it. 3. "Free quote, custom consultation" After all, as long as you shop, the price is worrisome. I will create an estimate on the spot to see how much the bike and custom parts I want. We will also propose customs that match each person's lifestyle, such as what kind of bike will fit. 4. "Same -day delivery service" If you place an order at BROTURES, we all have a finished car, grease up, and assembled in an appropriate torque. Therefore, it takes about one week to deliver the car. However, you may be able to take it home only on the day of the store. I will do my best mechanic. 5. "Payment method" For most people, shopping at BROTURES will be expensive. You can use a biclone with a lower interest rate than a credit card, as well as a credit card split. 6. "Glue Pride" BROTURES stores regularly hold glue pride. Buying a bicycle is not the goal, it's finally the start. You can meet friends that are unlikely to be normal through bicycles, such as models, weapons merchants, athletes, etc. This is an incredible opportunity for people to gather with common tools of young and old and bicycles. 7. "Bicycle trade -in service" Are your bicycles that are not on your home sleeping? Also, I'm thinking about upgrading the body, but there's no budget. 。 Please consult us. It may be surprisingly good. Of course, if you have a purchase proof, you can use a bicycle you purchased. 8. "Maintenance, repair" Please ask for anything, such as your bicycle is sick recently, a noise from somewhere, or a puncture. 9. "Free photo service" It's not so good enough to be so impressive, but I usually take pictures on blogs and SNS. If you wish, I will take a little shot, so I'm glad if my family and friends can show off. I often use this kind of service. Of course, if the timing is right, it will be quite different depending on the day, such as lunch together, practicing tricks. BROTURES has no detailed manuals to maximize the requests of each customer. Because everyone rides various motorcycles for various reasons. Please do not hesitate to ask anything. TOSHI
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