Leader Bikes New Video Shit "

What do you mean ..... There is a video of EMI Brown, a signboard rider of Leader Bikes, blasts the city of Sanfrancis with "EQNX"! ! ! [Vimeo] https://vimeo.com/96833941[/vimeo] Here is his favorite car "EQNX" !!!!! yeah? ? Look closely at the undercarriage !!!
yes! ! ! ! ! Shred 88
Screenshot 2014-06-02 21.35.13
By reducing air resistance and lighter, the potential of the motorcycle itself The definitive edition of carbon diprim that raises much !!!! While being aware of the weight reduction by adopting hollow shafts, The bearing of the wheel is the SHRED88, which is made in Japan Exactly Deep Rim to run through the street Don't forget "Lightness" Only 960g !!!! This guy is perfect for such a slender frame! ! !
How about? Is it cool? If you make a loan, you can easily pay like this .... Fufufu
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New things will arrive one after another, so don't miss it! ! ! ! ! Ray Victor.
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