Knowing the parts will make your fixias fun.

When I assemble a bicycle or choose parts, I hate the most is to choose "somehow".
Of course, when assembling, the bicycle you ride often will not be used or not cherished if you do not have the axis of why you chose it.

I want you to enjoy it because it's a bicycle and parts you bought.
I don't think or think about that. (I think)
So, I'm going to the computer to write about the details of the details one by one.

I don't have any theme, so let's introduce it from the nearby parts at that time.
This is today.


A wheel that stimulates the desire to own it in a bicycle and does not stop.
This is the hub that is the rotating body of the center.
This hub varies, so your choices vary depending on how you want to use and do a bicycle.

Does this SHIMANO's Dura Ace feel like spinning?
Anyway, go around. Many people say that the rotation is light.
Certainly, even if you turn it by hand, it is a pleasant feeling without resistance.

The secret lies in the structure of the bearing.
The bearing that SHIMANO has adopted in this Dura Ace is that a cup andcorn bearing is a single ball, not a unit.
It is not the mainstream now, but it is a basic structure of bearing.
The rotation accuracy is high for bicycles because it can be adjusted by hand and can be brought to a state of "no play and no gori".
In other words, if you can adjust well, it will turn over.

This DURA ACE is also famous for most players in bicycle racing.
This hub supports that explosive speed.
I often hear the impression that the smooth running comfort that does not feel resistance has fallen into the illusion of "I have become faster", "has changed gear ratio?"
It is a so -called comfortable part.

But personally, I don't think this kind of hub will be used.
Until now, we have mentioned the strengths, but that can be a disadvantage with equal.
Earlier, I said, "If you can adjust it well, you will be overwhelmed." If you turn it over, it will be a stress -only hub if you can not adjust well.
Bicycle racing players adjust all parts for each race. Of course, the hub.
The structure of the cup andcorn requires frequent adjustments.

Rose, cleaning, grease -up, coordinating balls, these maintenance must be performed regularly.
I'm honestly troublesome. Again, if you skid, it is even more easy to play.
However, some people do not bother it. (There are many customers.)
Making the parts yourself is a kick to know the bicycle deeply.
It's surprisingly fun.

To summarize it, Dura Ace is the best if you can take care of it. is.
Of course, if you bring it in, you can work at the store.
Finally, I will put a wheel using Dura Ace at the bottom, so if you are considering a hand -assembled wheel, please refer to it.

It was poor.


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