Riser handle perfect for comfortable ride...

Soon the rainy season! ! Until it gets cold, the season to enjoy Pist Bike as much as you want will be doing it! ! ! ! Introducing those who are perfect for that season! ! ! ! Soon summer ... Speaking of summer? of course! ! ! Ocean! ! ! The photo below is the sea near my hometown! ! Nostalgic ...
BBQ in the sea ....
Coconut in the sea ...
no good! ! ! ! Let's leave the sea once! ! ! ! w In other words, what I want to say! ! I am sweaty and always choose on a summer ride and install it on my machine! ! that is Drink wheeler! !
Not ... w It's a Nitto riser bar! ! ! Because it is easy to sweat when you are leaning forward. It is a riser bar that can relieve it! ! ! Similarly .... Riser bars that tend to be childish .... But but! ! ! This is different! ! ! Moderate rise high and the beauty of the line create the atmosphere of an adult riser bar! ! ! ! There is no doubt that the installation will make it easier to ride and have a fairly simple finish! ! ! Is it not enough for ordinary risers such as "B-Witch"? Then it is "Nitto B260AA"! !
NITTO has been making the handle for a long time, so we realize an exquisite 7 ° buckwood sweet that was calculated! ! The handle width is set to 485mm. Why "485mm"? Because it is a handle width that comes with it without cut! ! ! Because it uses a pipe of the same thickness as the drop handle The grip is a bit different from other riser handles ~ The weight of 210g is perfect and the beautiful appearance is perfect. It's not an exaggeration to say that it is a dish that can easily give a street feeling, right? It goes well with aero fray like 735
Of course, find the possibility of this handle that matches classical frames like 722! ! !
More! ! ! Grip that is perfect for the handle is also available! ! The name is "Lizard Skins 494 Single Compound Grip"
What a price ... ¥ 1,000- +TAX Use a single compound elastomarver near the best -selling PEATY GRIP compound in Lizard Skins! ! ! Famous for being used for Santa CRUZ motorcycles! !
Santa cruz ??? Who is it? It is a world -famous MTB rider! ! !
What do you mean? ? It means that the grip is not odd! ! !
I'm really looking forward to the coming season! ! ! First, the 21st night! ! ! Ride! ! ! Details later! ! Ray Victor.
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