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Commonly known as "gear ratio" that affects the lightness of rowing feet I introduced it on my previous blog. If you haven't seen itHere The gear ratio varies depending on the ratio of the number of teeth, chainring and cog. Of course, it is ideal to customize the chainring and cog, but if that happens, it will be a place where you can get a budget as it is. So, today we introduce a cog that can be customized relatively easily. After all, the cog of "EURO-ASIA" on the iron plate is the most trusted manufacturer.
EURO-ASIA DELUXE STEEL TRACK COG ¥ 6,300 ~ (excluding tax) The most basic model. It is also made of iron, has a high strength, has good accuracy, and has no quality variation. Because the cost performance is good, it is recommended for those who start here first.
EURO-ASIA SUPER STAR TRACK COG ¥ 12,000 (excluding tax) A middle grade model with chrome plating. Chrome plating has excellent corrosion resistance and improved strength. It is a particularly popular model at the Harajuku store!
EURO-ASIA GOLD Medal Track COG ¥ 18,000 (excluding tax) The highest -end model with titanium coating on deluxe type. The accuracy is dramatically improved when the chain is separated. Moreover, there is no sound sounding at all. The price is a little stretched, but the satisfaction is true! Three above! ! Please use it to adjust the gear ratio. All kinds of stocks are stocked at the store, please feel free to contact us if you adjust the gear ratio. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email

-It can be purchased by customers who cannot come to the store and those who are far away.

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