Cult grip in the shell stop & S

The New School BMX brand that started in 2010, its name is cult. Chase DeHart, chase hawk, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, and bake keep There are no other grips that are dropping from the brand that gathered the popular rider of the present street BMX that is enthusiastic popularity in the world! This time, Alex Kennedy's signature "AK grip" is a summer color. Cult AK grip

Long grip of thick thickness supporting riding! I can use it as one point accent of bicycle. [YouTube][/youtube] I was able to install it immediately to my BMX!
Img 7423
Happy end with end!
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Img 7717
Of course, it can be used for riser handle, drop handle, and bull horn handle! How do you like the custom season? Please contact us as soon as possible!
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It is also noteworthy about this brand of the attention of the world and the movement from now on "religion".
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