Introduction of entry model.

Introducing the entry model today! Speaking of Leader Bike entry model, these two models. Cure on the front Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKES ¥ 100,000- (+Tax)
Horizontal 721TR LEADER BIKES 721TR COMPLETE BIKES ¥ 100,000- (+tax)
Speaking of the leader, the matte image may be strong, but blue, white, etc. There are other colors, so please check out the link of the product title for details!
Next is CINELLI Sloping frame not found in Leader. CINELLI TIPO PISTA ¥ 105,000- (+Tax)
Aluminum is good, but chromoly is also recommended. It is cool even if you assemble in classic. CINELLI GAZZETTA ¥ 108,000- (+Tax)

What we have introduced so far is the classic Osaka store. To introduceDurcus one A beautiful red color that is neither a leader nor a chineri is available! DURCUS ONE MASTER ¥ 83,000- (+tax)
The price is a little cheaper than the leader, Cinelli, so please use it as a new option. We can see at the store from today so we look forward to your visit! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)