Inatai is no longer a compliment

I don't know what the trend is about the trend, and I'm a little sparse about the flow of such a public. No matter who you say, you like what you like, and I don't really like how to choose something that suits others. Why did you start saying this suddenly?and,JUNKI's blog the other dayThe cause is the sentence. "Recently, the number of completed cars (complete bikes) has increased, and it has become easier to buy cospa, but in many cases it can only be done. For example, LOPRO can be ordered from around 200,000 yen, but you can do various custom variations even in the same 200,000, and it will be a bicycle with only one in the world. " I feel that the number of finished cars has increased in the fixes, and the threshold has fallen, but the interestingness has decreased. Everyone has different tastes, and if the lifestyle is different, the situation of riding a bicycle is different. But I wonder if everyone is the same finished car. I guess it's okay to put out more like my own color because the custom rides a free pist. Today's main subject like that. I tried to assemble Gazzetta, which seems to be a favorite. There will be absolutely not everyone, and there will be fewer people who will be addicted, but I think that is fine. Assemble without hesitation of white parts according to the frame design. Above all, this short flat bar is a strong habit. Recently, wide crizers are popular, but the Galapagos -like custom that ignored the performance, efficiency and efficiency is one of the real pleasures of the fist. Cinelli is a brand with a high -quality image, but there are many unusual lineups. This GAZZETTA is the most reasonable model of Chineri's reasonable frame. ¥ 60,000- with a frame set. ¥ 108,000- for completed cars. If you assemble it with a rose from the frame, it will start at around ¥ 160,000-. Certainly, finished cars are cheap and advantageous. But this 100,000 yen is the same 100,000 yen without the price. For a tailor -made 160,000 yen, it is 100%only for yourself. There is a difference here that the amount alone will never be filled. The difference may be called identity. The personality cannot be bought with money. That said, it doesn't make sense if the budget is not enough. For such a case, BROTURES can use bike loans. For example, this custom bike is ¥ 225,400 (+tax) in total.
If you split 12 times, the split fee is free, and you can use it from ¥ 20,200- every month. I want you to express yourself as much as you can, because you are on a custom -custom fabric. We often say, "I'm inatai!" As the highest praise. TOSHI
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