Leader Bike 735TR Custom

Hello. Thank you for participating in the glue pride held yesterday. Those who do not know each other through "bicycles" Seeing you are talking about harmony I felt the splendor of the bicycle again. I would like to plan a glue pride again, so please look forward to it! ! I will introduce this time It is "Leader Bike 735TR Custom". How cool is reasonable? It is one that I tried to work on such issues.
LEADER BIKE 735TR Custom completed car ¥ 219,609 (pedal, strap fee included) How is it? The impact of the appearance is enormous. White and gold are very compatible. A cool gold wheel gives bicycles luxurious. BROTURES Original wheel "All Day" I used gold for this custom There are other colors. By all means for color consultation!
handle:DEDA PISTA ¥ 7700 (+tax) Cool form and affordable price. It is a handle that has gained enormous support from many riders.
The super famous rider "EMI BROWN" who loves Leader Bike He also loved it.
You still use the frame even now, replacing "EQNX". I think he can understand why he keeps using it as he uses. The handle that the world rider loves. How is it for your car?
Seat post:Thomson ¥ 8400 (+tax) The seat clamp part that has changed from this Leader Bike 735TR. Holding in two places achieves higher stability. Also, the Thomson seat post It is said to be more than 40 % stronger than a general seat post. There is no doubt that this combination will further improve strength and stability. You can also adjust the angle of the saddle freely, It is a seat post that suits any frame and saddle. In addition, there are also "SET BACK" types, so if you are worried, please go to the staff!
You can use plenty of high -end parts and finish it coolly. It is a wonderful one. However, one of the reasonable and cool finish is even better. "Price" and "design" you want. Please tell the staff. I would like to create a wonderful one with you. At BROTURES, there is also a loan in the payment method.
Screenshot 2014-06-29 19.38.14
Please refer to it. It will be hot tomorrow, The staff is waiting for you. Bandai
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