Are you worried about custom? ?

Thankfully, Affinity has received many inquiries. Yokohama store is left to LO PRO BK L size only! ! This time, I thought about LO PRO model custom! !
Speck Frame:AFFINITY CYCLES LO PRO "Film Grain Black" 83,000 ( + Tax) Wheel:Easton R90 SL RIM x PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Custom Wheel ¥ 52,000 ( + Tax) Crank:SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET ¥ 31,400 ( + Tax) STEM:Fairweather MT-31 Side Clamp ¥ 12,000 ( + Tax) Handle:Nitto for Shred Bar φ25.4mm ¥ 7,700 ( + tax) SeatPost:Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 10,000 ( + Tax) SADLE:Fabric Scoop Radius SADDLE ¥ 8,500 ( + Tax) Break Lever:PAUL CANTI LEVER ¥ 11,900 ( + tax) TOTAL about ¥ 300,000 ( + tax) This time, the whole is summarized with BLACK and simply summarized. LO PRO is recommended because the brake outer is internal! !
And this time, I chose a slightly good brake lever.
PAUL CANTI LEVER ¥ 11,900 ( + tax) Paul's lever has a shield bearing used for the connection. The goodness of the touch is different compared to the inexpensive lama. Canta bar, loading caliper brake, U brake, roller cam brake, etc. Thank you for your short pull. This time, on the premise of using a brake, I chose the rim and those with CNC processed. There is no need to worry about the paint peeling off by braking, Above all, an indispensable way for a comfortable stop and go! ! The real pleasure of the fabric is that you can enjoy custom according to the way and style! ! You don't have to put on what you need. It is unique to the fabric that you can enjoy such a simple addition! ! The place where the custom arrives is a real original motorcycle. Honestly, the appearance may be a little sober. But it's probably because it's a long relationship I think this kind of sober style that doesn't get tired is good. YOSHIE
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