DSNV New Frame !!

Dosnoventa was in silence for nearly a year. He continues to ask him about where to go, what he wants to do, and what the industry should be, and has no clear answer to it, but what he knows is Dosnoventa in the past, in the future. It is always our life itself.
DOSNOVENTA GENESIS from Dosnoventa ON Vimeo. New model as a step of the new beginning"LOS Angeles"Is now on sale today (Sat).
It has already arrived at all BROTURES stores, and the Kichijoji store also has exhibited vehicles.
DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Santa Monica" Frame & Fork Set/¥ 149,000+Tax
DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame & Fork Set/¥ 149,000+Tax The old aluminum flagship model boasted the most popular among Dosnobenta."HOUSTON"Born as a successor model"LOS Angeles" While following the HOUSTON design, it has evolved further with many details such as geometry, tubing, and painting. An all -round frame designed to perform performance in any situation, such as racing and town use. It is like a buddy that satisfies the demand of riders such as commuting, city riding, training, early cat and track racing. And from this arrival"Complete Bike"Is also a lineup. take a look.
Apparently, the 1st lot seems to sell in an instant for the frame that has been a hot topic before the release. If you are thinking of purchasing a fixie bike from now on, please add it to your options. Please feel free to contact the store staff to consult about the size and check the stock. Then we are waiting at the store today. ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
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