Dosnoventa "NEW MODEL" is immediately hig...

Hello! ! In today's blog, it became a hot topic at the same time as recently launched. It is an introduction of a custom bike of "DOSNOVENTA" which is now only left to! ! Started brands in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2010, and this Brotures is also popular alongside Leader Bike“DOSNOVENTA” In the bicycle industry, a handmade motorcycle brand that does not rely on inexperienced products and inexpensive mass production and mechanization manufacturing! ! From such a dosnoventa (Dosnoventa), the long -awaited new aluminum frameLOS AngelesIs now on sale!
DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Venice Beach" Complete Bike ¥ 249,000 (+tax)
DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame and FORK SET ¥ 149,000 (+tax)
DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Santa Monica" Complete Bike ¥ 249,000 (+Tax)
DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Santa Monica" Frame and FORK SET ¥ 149,000 (+tax) This model will still sell frame sets as before! ! ! There is also a sale as a "completed car" that is nice even for the first time! ! ! This is pretty happy! ! And this time, at the Osaka store, I tried using "VENICE BEACH" to make a full custom! ! It's a pretty lacy finish, but if you have "Dosnoventa", you can try this as high -spec? ? Then custom details! Handle Thomson Carbon Road ¥ 30,000 (+Tax) Stem Thomson X4 ¥ 10,000 (+Tax)
Seat Post THOMSON Elite ¥ 10,000 (+Tax) Saddle SELLE SAN Marco Concor Racing ¥ 19,900 (+Tax)
Crank MICHE PISTARD AIR ¥ 32,000 (+Tax)
F/Wheel Hed. Jet 9 Plus ¥ 149,300 (+Tax)
R/Wheel HED. Jet 9 Plus ¥ 156,000 (+Tax)
・ DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Venice Beach Custom Bike ¥ 620,000 (+Tax)
As you can see like this, I assembled it with a pretty high spec! ! The "Hed Jet 9" set before and after is still in stock, so you can hand it over this year! ! The arrival this time will be sold out soon! ! The next arrival is being filled with reservations one after another, so please make a reservation as soon as possible! ! Finally, if you simulate this custom bike 12 times, ...
If the payment is more than 200,000 and the number of payments is less than 12 times, the division fee will be free! ! Please feel free to use it! ! Ayumu. BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)